A 100% motosports helmet camera

Compatible with every kinds of helmets and visors! Use the Cambox in all situations, film with your hands free. An action camera offering: Safety, Lightness, Discretion, Simplicity & Design.


The protection role of your helmet is preserved thanks to the Cambox. The Cambox is fastened by Velcro straps. This fastening system allows the action camera to be perfectly integrated to your equipment. No matter which helmet you have, no mounting system is on the shell of the helmet.


A unique positioning under the visor of the helmet or inside the helmet. The Cambox knows how to get adapted to every situations; its two articulated arms offer a compatibility with a set of helmets present on the market, with a rounded or a curved visor.


Cambox camera is almost invisible. Thanks to its positioning, the sport camera is shock-proof and hidden from the looks. The Cambox follows perfectly the curves of your visor.


The Cambox is approximately 2 to 3 times lighter than the other cameras on the market. Its lightweight enables it to maintain the balance of the helmet. No risk of failover.


An unrivalled design. The diversity of colors and the perfection of the finishing will make the Cambox an asset to your equipment. The Cambox is available in a various choice of colors including: Black, Grey, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red White and Blue