Ribtect – Original Ribtect Vest


The Ribtect Vest, my goal was to put together a combination of the best materials I could find. After years of track testing, we created the ultimate design to have a multi-purpose vest that exceeds the average call of duty.

The Ribtect Vest, also referred to as a rib protector vest, is a quality piece of safety equipment designed to function for the racer and has more to offer than just the best protection possible.

  • Custom tailored using stress-relieved polypropylene modules
  • Cordura™ vest with adjustable chest and shoulder straps
  • Pressure is spread over a wider area, decreasing fatigue and increasing protection
  • New improved materials and stronger buckles
  • Each vest is a custom-fit item
  • Better Shock Absorbing Foam
  • Thinner and More Comfortable

Reasons to go with Ribtect:

  • Decreased fatigue level allowing for better concentration through the whole race.
  • A vest that is only about a 3/8″ thick around the rib cage and thinner around the back area allowing for the best seat positioning.
  • A design that provides maximum comfort, not bulky and a custom-fit piece that will not irritate you or move around while driving.
  • A rigid design to help support your back, holding you more upright in the seat. In turn, letting the seat do most of the work holding you in. This lets you concentrate on your driving instead of your pain.

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